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This is a very important chapter!

Movie theatre sized picture

A home cinema requires a movie theatre sized screen. What is that? Answer is of course: it depends. Firstly, you do need a 16:9 widescreen TV or screen simply because most DVD movies are recorded with those proportions. Sure, you can watch it on a normal 4:3 TV but the disadvantage is that if you want to see the whole picture you get black boards above and below the picture and the actual picture becomes quite small. So it is the size that matters here!

Next question: Should I get a widescreen CRT TV, a LCD/Plasma TV or a projector and screen?

Let's first look at some facts:

  • A 32" widescreen TV picture is 0.28sqmtr. A very good CRT TV cost app. $1500 or $5360/sqrmtr of picture area
  • A 50" Plasma TV picture is 0.69sqmtr. The cost is app. $6000 or $8700/sqrmtr of picture area
  • A 92" 16:9 screen is 2.3sqmtr and a very good projector plus screen can be obtained for under $4000 or $1740/sqrmtr

So if you want a movie theatre sized experience it is still much cheaper to go with a projector and screen then a Plasma TV. Please also note that there are no very large (80-90" size) Plasma/flat screens available at all.

The drawback with projectors and screens are firstly that you need a darkened room and secondly that the life span of the projector lamp is relatively short. Hence we recommend that a projector and screen be combined with a normal TV e.g. 32" widescreen for normal TV viewing.

The combined cost is significantly less then for a medium sized Plasma TV. The benefits are that you get both the large movie experience together with a bright daytime viewing TV that will last for many years. Whether you should choose a CRT TV or a Plasma TV depends mainly on interior design issues.

Please note that CRT TVs are still extremely good quality and value for money. Advanced Integration Home Cinema Solutions can help you sort out the technologies and advice on type of picture and size of screen.