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PURE uses UK-based design and engineering to produce the world's most innovative range of digital and connected radios. PURE kick-started the digital radio market with the introduction of the EVOKE-1 in 2002, and is now the number one digital radio manufacturer in the world.

In August 2008 PURE launched its first 'connected' radio, EVOKE Flow. Acclaimed by Hi-Fi Choice as 'a radio changing product' and winner of What Hi-Fi Sound & Vision's 'Radio Product of the Year 2008', EVOKE Flow plays broadcast radio (DAB+ and FM), internet content (thousands of stations, podcasts, 'listen again' programmes and PURE Sounds) and music streamed from your computer.

PURE Australasia Pty Ltd was set up in 2008 to bring the market leading PURE DAB+ and Wi-Fi ‘connected’ radios to Australia and New Zealand. The Australian radio industry is one of the most advanced in the world, with broadcasters already producing digital content for their online and other digital platforms. PURE is excited to be able to provide a new outlet for that content by making our extensive range of DAB+ radios available for the Australian DAB+ launch in May 2009.

Powered by imaginationThe innovation and refinement of PURE radios is the result of a passion for radio, backed-up by the largest dedicated radio development team in the world and the unique advantage of Imagination - exceptional technology from parent company Imagination Technologies.

Imagination Technologies is an international company that creates and licenses market-leading multimedia technologies that are built into the latest consumer products, including audio systems, mobile phones, computers and in-car infotainment devices. See www.imgtec.com for more details.

We sell the complete range of PURE DAB+ radios imported to Australia. Please refer to our Web Shop for models available for online purchase or ring us for a quote or order if the model you wish to purchase is not available online.